Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates go beyond the convenience of simply opening and closing your gates at the push of a button without having to leave your car (which is always an advantage on a dark night or in wet weather), automatic gates have additional benefits:

Electric gates eliminates the struggle to open or close a heavy manual gate.
Visitors will use an intercom outside the gate to let you know that they are there before you let them in. Electric gates prevent unwanted callers getting to your door.

With security in mind, once an electric gate is closed, they cannot be forced open by hand – prevent intruders simply walking up the drive.

Having automatic gates adds extra style and exclusivity to your home. It is possible to automate existing gates, so there is no need to replace your existing gates. There are several types of electric gate systems and the choice of system depends on the type of gate you want and how that gate is to open.

Automatic Swing Gates or Automatic Sliding Gates?

Gates that are hung (or hinged) on pillars or posts are referred to as swing gates. Gates which slide back to one side of the drive on a track or cantilever system are referred to as sliding gates.

Several different types of Swing gate automation is available:
Under-ground systems, Ram-type operators or Articulated Arms.

Under-ground gate automation systems are installed in the ground below the gate and the motor becomes the bottom hinge of the gate.
A Ram-type operator is a long arm which is mounted behind the gate, aprox one third the way up the gate. It is attached to the gate pillar. Ram operators are normally used on large heavy gates or sheeted gates. Articulated Arm operators are used as on wide pillars as an alternative to the Underground gate automation system. The Articulated Arm motor is mounted behind the pillar out of sight and a heavy steel arm reaches around the pillar to attach to the gate.

Underground or Articulated arm systems are probably the most popular choices for automating wrought iron gates due to their neat appearance.


Sliding Gate automation systems are more straight foward. The sliding gate motor to be used is selected based on the weight of the gate and the frequency of operation.

Security A gate moves the first line of defence against intruders or unwanted visitors to the perimeter of your property. This keeps the garden and space outside your home private – preventing strangers from wandering in. Your driveway and cars parked in it are safer and much less likely to suffer vandalism or car crime. Your garage or shed containing tools are safer behind a closed gate. Electric gates further increase the security of your home. Helping to prevent intruders. An intercom at the gate allows you to communicate with visitors at the gate rather than the front door.
Convenience Many customers buy electric gates for the convenience rather than having to open and close manual gates. No more getting out of the car in the rain or cold weather to open the gates –just the push of a button and it is opened. It is comforting too to see the gates close behind you as you pass through them without having to stop and get out.
Comfort Feel comfortable and safe behind your gates. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your home and family are safe and secure. Many busy parents are relieved and assured that when the gates are closed automatically, their children are kept safe behind the closed gates and away from busy roads and traffic.
Adding Value to your Home The installation of a stylish and suitable gate has a very positive effect on the value of your property. In some cases, people use their gate-way as a major selling point in the sale of their home. Contact us for information or a free quotation.
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