Access Control

Access Control

Access Control Systems are physical or electronic systems which are designed to control who has access to an area.

Access Control Systems controls how and when people enter or exit an area. Access Control Systems monitor the movement of people or vehicles in a restricted area and identify individuals through the use of PIN Codes on Electronic Keypads, cards & fobs on Proximity Readers

The use of electronic systems allows an administrator to precisely define access privileges for each user and also instantly update them within the system, which is much more convenient than granting or revoking key privileges.


Limit Access – Systems can be programmed to allow certain users to enter specific areas only at designated times. Other users can be allowed to enter all locations at all times.

Automating – Systems can automatically lock a door or gate each evening at a certain time and unlock it at another time. They can also be automatically interfaced with other Building Control Systems e.g. To release some or all doors in the event of a Fire Alarm Activation.

Replacing Keys – Managing keys can be a nightmare. If you use a different key for every door it can be cumbersome to carry them and time consuming to look for the right key. Keys are easily lost or duplicated and past employees often do not return keys. Access control systems eliminate this concern by deleting the card from the system to deny the former user access. In some cases that access can be changed from an off site location.

Track Access – Keys are also anonymous. Access Control Systems create a detailed audit trail so you know exactly whose card opened each door and when. This can provide you with critical information before and after an incident.

We at ATS specialise in providing access control systems and supporting hardware and software for companies of all sizes.

Intercom Systems provide simple communication with a visitor to your property and allow remote opening of Access Doors/Electronic Gates or Barriers. They can be supplemented with visual verification where it is difficult to verify who is on the other end of the phone. Wired and wireless solutions are available for single dwelling, multi tenant Apartment Blocks and everything in-between. GSM option also offered for remote or unattended site access control.

Just Some Of Our Access Control Products:

ACT 1000

Single door controller
The ACTpro 1000 may be in turn networked
with other ACTpro 1000s to create a network of
up to 256 doors
RS485 interface to network controllers
10,000 users
16 user groups
16 time zones
Entry and exit reader support
500 event log
1000 user codes (Pin Only)


Multi-format reader
Choice of proximity only, pin and proximity or pin only
ACTProx Cards and Fobs supported
HID-compatible tokens supported
Surface or flush mount (mounting directly on to standard electrical back box)
Indoor or outdoor installation (IP67)
Built-in buzzer
Tri-Colour LED
Operates between -20C and +50C
Auto detect Clock and Data or 26-bit
Wiegand Output
Robust polycarbonate housing
Vandal Resistant Cover (ACTpro-X 1030VR) available for the ACTpro-X 1030 proximity reader.


50 Users with unique Pin Codes and / or
ACTProx Cards. Operating modes are Proximity,
PIN and Proximity or PIN only.
Keypad Backlighting
Incorrect code lockout
5 amp door relay output
Users can be deleted if a card is lost or a Pin Code https:

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